I approach couples counseling from developmental and attachment-based models. In sessions we will explore, in real time, how the couple challenges, supports and co-regulates as a unit. We begin by observing the attachment styles of each member, meaning, how do you respond to interpersonal stress? Then explore how these attachment styles also give each member of the couple information about what the other needs. We will often recreate life stressors in session and work through them together. Sessions can last one to two hours, depending on what we explore.

Couple's Counseling       1 hr | 160
Individual Counseling    50 min | 120

We will explore areas of pain and struggle as well as identifying and cultivating your inherent strengths. I work with both teenagers and adults.

Therapy looks different for everyone because we all come with our unique stories, trials and attributes. My job is to create an environment of safety and fundamental acceptance, where we can begin to set goals that promote healing and challenge you to meet your full potential.